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Oracle Middleware 12c. Failing to start Application Server after changing Repository passwords

due to server maintenance, we had to stop our Oracle Middleware 12c application server. but startint the weblogic administration server is failing. Admin Server log reports this message

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Extending Oracle10g AWR

Oracle10g Enterprise Manager (EM) has a fantastic interface for easily creating exception alerts and mailing them directly to the Oracle professional. However, the EM has limitations. Until EM evolves into a true Decision Support System (DSS) for the Oracle DBA, the DBA will still need to extract and use the workload information stored in the AWR (Advanced Workload Repository).

Oracle 10g New Features: Advisory Framework - ADDM

Advisors are the server components that provide you with useful feedback about resource utilization and performance. The most important of all advisors is the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM). ADDM does analysis of the system, identifies problems and their potential causes, and comes up with recommendations for fixing the problems. It can call all other advisors also.

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Improved 10g management with EM

Just a few years ago, many senior Oracle DBAs detested Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM). Viewed as a crutch for beginners who could not memorize the command syntax, EM was largely ignored by the veteran DBA who preferred the ease and certainty of the SQL*Plus command-line interface. This is about to change.

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